Updated Resources for a Historic Award


The BSA’s Historic Trails Award has been around for decades–so long, in fact, that the patch isn’t even fully embroidered. (Gasp!) Now, an important update makes getting started with the award easier.

As described on the application, the award has just three requirements:

  1. Locate a historic trail or site and study information relating to it. (The information may be obtained from an adult historic
    society, public library, or people living near the trail or site.)
  2. Hike or camp two days and one night along the trail or in the
    vicinity of the site.
  3. Cooperate with an adult group such as a historic society to
    restore and mark all or part of this trail or site. (This may be
    done during the hike or overnight camp.) Or cooperate with
    such a group to plan and stage a historic pageant, ceremony,
    or other public event related to this trail or site—such an event
    should be large enough to merit coverage by the local press.

Those Scouts and adults who complete the requirements are eligible to receive a cloth or leather patch, which may be attached to a backpack or patch blanket (but not worn on the uniform).

The main problem with the award in recent years has been identifying nationally approved trails. No one was apparently maintaining the list, which had grown outdated as councils merged and changed names. Now, the National Outdoor Programs Support Committee has updated the list and published it on The Adventure Plan website. Just scroll to your state (or a state you want to visit), and you’ll find the trails in that area, along with the appropriate council to contact. (If you know of a trail that’s missing, encourage your local council to submit the BSA Historic Trails Renewal Application.)

In Boy Scouting, we often focus heavily on merit badges and ranks. While those advancement awards are obviously important, recognitions like the Historic Trails Award can be useful motivational tools and can encourage your Scouts to broaden their horizons.

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2 thoughts on “Updated Resources for a Historic Award

  1. Daniel Luechtefeld

    The posted list of historic trails can’t possibly be complete. No historic trails in Washington state west of Spokane? We have sections of the Pacific Coast Trail and the Pacific Northwest Trail. I see that their east coast equivalent the Appalachian Trail is listed in Maryland. I need to work on getting this fixed.

  2. MB

    Agree. I know in Florida we have several other historical trails with medals that are missing. St. Augustine, Fort Clinch, Olustee Battlefield, etc.

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