The Legend of the Rose


Reader Jodi Brady shared one of her troop’s traditions with me recently, and I’d like to pass it on to you.

Near the end of each Eagle court of honor, the Scoutmaster reads the Legend of the Rose while the new Eagle Scout presents his mother with seven red roses in a vase. So what’s this legend of which I speak? Here’s the text Brady’s troop uses:

Throughout Scouting’s history, the rose has been associated with the presentation of the Eagle.

The path of a boy from Scout to Eagle is long and often times hard. He does not travel the “Trail To Eagle” alone. Many people have been involved with him in his process.

There is one person in particular that is honored in addition to the Eagle Scout. That person is his mother.

From that first overnight campout to the pinning on of his Eagle, she has shared the adventures of Scouting with her son in a special way.

With her guidance and encouragement, she has helped her son achieve a goal many fail to reach.

She has watched her son mature from a young boy to a young man with a purpose to his life.

She has been there to share his excitement of camping and hiking with his brother Scouts. She has washed load after load of dirty clothes brought home from camping trips. Most important of all, she has been there for her son when the going got rough and spirits low, as only a mother can. Her love has been an important ingredient in her son’s achievement.

We honor her today with the presentation of seven red roses, each rose a symbol of rank in the seven ranks of Scouting.

I love that tradition, and I love how Brady’s troop has modified it to fit particular situations. For example, Brady herself was a single mom for many years, so her husband (the Scoutmaster) gave her 12 roses to represent the years she and her son had done Scouting together.

That tweak brings up an important point about traditions: You should modify them–or break them altogether–if they aren’t effective. I can envision all sorts of situations where the Legend of the Rose might feel more like a fairytale. But if the words fit, use them. And don’t forget to stop by the flower shop on the way to the court of honor!

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2 thoughts on “The Legend of the Rose

  1. Diana

    We do the ‘legend of the rose’ in our troop at Eagle COH’s too..but in our troop, the mother of the troop’s last Eagle presents the roses to the mother of the new Eagle. And ALL the mothers cry 🙂

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