Going for the Gold




In the run-up to the Winter Olympics, here’s an excerpt from my Eagle Scout Magazine profile of gold medalist Steve Holcomb after the last winter games:

Scouting didn’t introduce Steve Holcomb to winter sports, but it certainly gave him plenty of time in the outdoors. “Growing up here, we did a lot of outdoor stuff,” he recalled. “Every weekend we were out with Scouts doing something.”

Beyond the outings, Holcomb credits Scouting with broadening his horizons. “Earning all the merit badges really opens your eyes to more than just one thing in life. There’s so much to learn, so much you have to do,” he said.

The advancement program also whetted his appetite for achievement. “You always have to do your best; you really do have to perform,” he said. “It’s not like you just show up and automatically get your merit badges. You actually have to learn and use your skills.”

You can read the whole article here (text only) and here (with graphics).




As winter descends on Atlanta, BIrmingham, and other southern cities, I’m reminded of Eagle Scout Paul Siple, the co-creator of the wind chill factor. An Eagle Scout and Sea Scout, Siple twice went to Antarctica with Admiral Richard Byrd.