And We Have Some Loving Parting Gifts….


One of the many purposes of an Eagle court of honor is to inspire other Scouts in the troop to work toward becoming Eagle Scouts. In fact, you can tell that your court of honor has been a success if it’s followed by a flurry of work on Eagle projects and Eagle-required merit badges.

Several years ago, a reader of The Eagle Court of Honor Book shared a neat way her troop inspired future Eagle Scouts at one court of honor. At a local bargain outlet, they bought a dozen statuettes of an eagle set on an American flag and used them as centerpieces. Then, at the close of the ceremony, each troop member was invited to take a statuette home to inspire him on his trail to Eagle. As that reader described it, “The Scouts were thrilled with the gift and left holding their inexpensive eagle statues in high regard.”

Of course, you may not find statuettes like that the next time you go shopping. But there are plenty of ways you could adapt this idea. For example, the Scout Shop sells two $4.99 coins that might do the trick: The Scout Oath and Scout Law Coin and the “Do a Good Turn” Spinner coin. And every Scout doesn’t have to take something home. During his or her remarks, the honoree could give statuettes, coins, or other gifts to the Life Scouts in the room. Or a special gift could go to the newest troop member in attendance. (You could even take an extra court-of-honor invitation and print it up with that Scout’s name and “TBD” for the court of honor date.)

The point of all this is not to send attendees home with something tangible. The point is to send them home with something far more valuable: the desire to become Eagle Scouts themselves.

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