One Purpose or Two


Here’s a question for you: What was the purpose of your last troop activity (or meeting or service project or fundraiser or whatever)? I’ve been thinking about that question recently because of two recent Scouting magazine interviews I did.

In the first interview, a couple of Cub Scout leaders were talking about their recruiting efforts. They said they always try to have two purposes for each activity. For example, their pinewood derbies are open to the public, so the dual purposes are fun for the Scouts and community outreach for the pack.

In the second interview, a troop leader was describing a nine-day high-adventure trip his troop had done that broke down into three distinct phases. He said each phase had a single purpose (aside from getting safely from point A to point B, of course!). With the canoeing phase, for example, the purpose was to make sure each Scout qualified for the Canoeing merit badge. He said having a singular focus helped leaders worry less when other things went wrong (like when the Scouts forgot to pack spaghetti sauce to go with their pasta).

I love both of these approaches because they force you to think about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. So what was the purpose–or purposes–of the last thing you’re troop did?

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