Courts of Honor and the Coronovirus


People across America are slowly–probably too slowly–coming to realize that the best way to flatten the curve and save thousands, if not millions, of lives is to stop congregating in large groups and to cancel or postpone large events.

If you’re planning an Eagle court of honor for this spring–and you’ve done a good job promoting it–your event falls into the large-event category, and I seriously think you should postpone it until summer or even fall. Even if conditions improve more quickly than expected, attending a court of honor may be the last thing on invited guests’ minds.

I realize that delaying a court of honor comes with all sorts of inconveniences, such as in the case of an 18-year-old Eagle Scout who’s heading off to college this fall or the military even sooner. If you delay a few weeks, you might as well delay a few months–or even a couple of years.

That is totally okay. One of the most impactful Eagle courts of honor I ever participated in was for a Scout who’d been at college for a couple of years and had been overseas on a mission trip or two during that time. It was a much different event that mostly involved close friends and family and was less forward looking than the typical ceremony. After all, he’d been there, done that, and gotten the T-shirt, so there was no need for the ceremony to go forth and do great things. That ceremony, incidentally, was the inspiration for the College and Career script in The Eagle Court of Honor Book.

(People sometimes compare planning an Eagle court of honor to planning a wedding. A court of honor that is significantly delayed beyond high school graduation might compare with someone’s second wedding.)

Speaking of The Eagle Court of Honor Book, I’m still shipping copies during this crisis, so you can do some planning when you get tired of binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix. You can also buy the book from Amazon in either print or Kindle formats.

I’m also still selling the personalized Eagle Mountain Certificate (both the Scout and mentor editions). You can order a print version to save for an in-person court of honor or a digital version to use in a virtual court of honor.

Whatever you do, stay safe out there!

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