Dropping by the NESA Store



Readers of The Eagle Court of Honor Book sometimes ask if they should bring a gift to an Eagle Scout ceremony. While I don’t think gifts are expected–as at a wedding or baby shower, for example–they’re certainly appreciated. And the closer someone is to the honoree, the more appropriate it is to bring a gift.

You can find lots of nice gifts at your local Scout Shop or at ScoutShop.org, and eBay is full of vintage Scout books and trinkets. (Often these are perfect for the honoree to give to Scout leaders.)

But my other favorite source is NESAStore.org, the official online store of the National Eagle Scout Association. Joe Weingarten, the NESA volunteer who mans the store, has assembled a huge range of fun Eagle Scout gift items, everything from Eagle Scout key rings to watches (Timex or Leatherman) to graduation cords. You can even find prints of the Joseph Csatari painting shown at the top of this post. Best of all, all proceeds benefit NESA, which provides scholarships and other opportunities for Eagle Scouts.

NOW AVAILABLE: The fourth edition of The Eagle Court of Honor Book is now available from EagleBook.com and on Amazon! Updated to reflect the inclusion of girls in Scouts BSA, the book features gender-neutral ceremonies, a new Scouting segment called “Scouting for Girls,” and downloadable boys’ and girls’ versions of all ceremony materials. Print versions will be available soon from Amazon and ScoutStuff.org.

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