Get Creative With Your Troop Games


When I was a Scout, we seemed to play one of two games at every troop meeting: British Bulldog outdoors in the warmer months and Steal the Bacon indoors when the temperature dropped. If those of us on the patrol leaders’ council had been a little more creative (or had gotten around to reading the various planning resources available from the BSA), we might have tried a different game every now and then.

I’m guessing your troop gets ends up in a similar rut. Although the three volumes of Program Features for Troops, Teams, and Crews offer dozens of fresh game ideas, your PLC probably needs a more Scout-friendly game source.

I found one recently your Scouts might like. Called Youth Group Games, if that link doesn’t work–it features hundreds of games designed for church youth groups. Most of them, however, would work just as well in a Scouting setting.

What makes the site interesting is the search form built into the home page. With a just a few mouse clicks you can narrow your search to one (or more) of 21 categories, including chilled out, large groups and team building. You can also specify indoors or outdoors and even specify duration and a level of messiness. You can even find Steal the Bacon, although I hope you’ll look for something a little more original!

Need more great troop program ideas? Check out The Scoutmaster’s Other Handbook, which is available in both print and e-book formats at


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