Hand Washing 101 for Scouts


One of the occupational hazards of being a Scout leader is eating the food young Scouts have more or less cooked. I’m sure most of us have choked down our share of hamburgers cooked to the consistency of hockey pucks and bacon that can just about still squeal.

Unfortunately, many Scouts’ cooking techniques are on the level as their sanitation techniques. Not very good in other words.

Ubiquitous bottles of alcohol-based hand gel can help in that regard, but they can also give Scouts (and you) a false sense of confidence. Did you know that hand gels are not effective against C. diff, a nasty bacteria that kills half a million Americans every year? (Yes, most of those victims are older people in healthcare settings, but community-associated infections are on the rise.) And did you know that the gels are less than effective on excessively dirty hands–which are de rigueur on most Scout campouts?

Fortunately, help on hand-washing is close at hand, so to speak. The Mayo Clinic website includes a good basic introduction to the right way to wash your hands, including a link to a fun Jimmy Fallon video you might want to show your Scouts. (Preview it first, however, because it does include a couple of PG-rated comments.)

It’s tough to avoid sampling the questionable cooking your young Scouts do. That doesn’t mean, however, that you can’t protect yourself and them from the nasty bugs that hitch a ride on dirty hands.

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