My Favorite Court of Honor Life Hack


Let me say at the outset that I’m not a card-carrying member of the uniform police. Although I like to see Scouts in correct uniform, my blood pressure doesn’t rise when I see the occasional patch out of place. And I certainly don’t get upset when a new Eagle Scout’s mom pins her son’s medal in the wrong spot.

Having said that, I’ve watched more than a few moms get to that pivotal moment in a court of honor when they do the pinning and panic. It’s like they fear  their sons will have to start their Scouting journeys anew if they mess up, like sewing on dozens of merit badges over the years hasn’t earned them a mulligan.

Fortunately, someone showed me a simple life hack years ago that neatly solves this problem: Before the court of honor, pin the medal on the Scout’s uniform in the right place–centered just above the left pocket–and then remove it. When you do, you’ll be left with tiny holes that will show Mom just where the medal should go during the ceremony.

So what life hacks have you discovered in planning courts of honor? I’d love to hear from you and share them with other Scouters.

What? You don’t have a copy of The Eagle Court of Honor Book yet? Click the title to order one now in either print or Kindle format. When you do, I think you’ll agree with the reader who said, “The information is insightful and a welcome addition for our parents preparing for their sons’ ceremony. It is well organized and easy to follow. It flows like a river.”


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Court of Honor Life Hack

  1. It is probably already in your book, but set up the neckerchief, medal, mentor pin, etc. all ready to use. Roll the necker, put out the slide next to it, undo the Eagle medal clasps from the box, and so on. At the right time, hand the right regalia to the right person. No fooling around trying to get stuff out of the packaging during the ceremony.

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