Help Your Troop and Philmont


I’m an unabashed fan of Philmont Scout Ranch and watched with much trepidation the progress of the Ute Park fire just before the 2018 season was scheduled to begin. Like many Philmont alumni, I felt powerless to do anything to help the situation, short of donate to the Philmont Staff Association’s Ute Park Fire Relief Fund, which I was happy to do.

But there’s another way to help Philmont that can benefit both the ranch and your troop.

Since Philmont had to cancel the first half of the backcountry season, it ended up with twice as many trail meals as it needs. And despite jokes about pemmican bars having the same half-life as uranium, these meals really do have expiration dates. So Philmont is selling the extra meals online through Tooth of Time Traders, its award-winning outdoor retailer. Breakfasts are $7.50, while lunches and dinners are $8.50. (Each meal feeds two people.) There are 10 options per meal, so you can mix and match to your heart’s desire. (Click here to see all the menus.)

I’ve often recommended these meals as a great option for Philmont shakedown hikes. (The ranch sells excess inventory at the end of each season.) But they’d work equally well for day hikes or weekend campouts when you want to leave the patrol boxes and Dutch ovens behind. In fact, I could go for a Blueberry Buzz Bar or some Strawberry Bolt Energy Chews right now!

Need more great troop program ideas? Check out The Scoutmaster’s Other Handbook, which is available in both print and e-book formats at


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