Under the Wings of Eagles


The purpose of Eagle Scout courts of honor is obviously to honor new Eagle Scouts, but the best courts of honor do more than that. They also recognize those who have helped the honoree along the trail to Eagle–and give a nod to those who will follow in his footsteps.

That last part happened in a very cool ceremony one of my readers told me about.

At a court of honor he attended, two Webelos Scouts participated in the ceremony. These boys served as Eagle rank bearers, similar to ring bearers in a wedding, bringing the Eagle badge forward at the appropriate moment.

That was impressive, but what really impressed my correspondent was what the new Eagle Scout said during the ceremony. He explained that when he had been a Cub Scout, his den chief had been an Eagle Scout and had encouraged, guided, and coached him throughout his Scouting career. In the same spirit, he was taking these Webelos Scouts under his wing and including them in his court of honor. He challenged the Eagle Scouts following him to do the same thing.

I’m sure the audience was impressed that this Scout would think of other people during his moment in the spotlight. I’m also sure that those two Webelos Scouts got a huge boost from participating in the ceremony.

How can you make sure your next court of honor celebrates more than the honoree?

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