Grandparent Pins at Eagle Courts of Honor


In case you missed it, one of the newest recognition item for Eagle courts of honor is the Eagle Scout Grandparent Pin. Priced at $6.99, the pin is an affordable way for a new Eagle Scout to recognize key adults in his life, much like the Eagle Scout Mentor Pin does for Scout leaders.

So how do you incorporate these pins into a court of honor? Here’s one option:.Go through the standard presentation process, as I describe in The Eagle Court of Honor Book), where the mom pins on the medal, the Scout pins on the mother’s pin, etc., then say something like this: “We all know it takes a village to raise a child. And it takes a very special village to raise a young man like our honoree. Among (Name)’s treasured companions on his Scouting journey—and really on his whole life’s journey—have been his grandparents, (Names). At this time, he will present them with grandparent pins.”

The grandparents can then come forward to receive their pins and a heartfelt hug. You should also mention those grandparents who aren’t able to be at the court of honor because of either death or distance.

One thing to keep in mind is that audience attention tends to wane once the Scout has received his badge. That’s why I recommend keeping the presentation part of the ceremony pretty brief. While it could work to have the honoree say a word about each grandparent (and each mentor), that can get unwieldy. What’s more, his words of thanks might come easier in a more private moment after the court of honor.

For more ideas, check out my new ebook, Showtime: 45 Top Tips from and The Eagle Court of Honor Book; it costs just $2.99 and is available for immediate download.


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