Reconsidering the Eagle Scout Congratulatory Letter List


I recently talked with a NESA committee chair for an upcoming Eagles’ Call article. One of his committee’s biggest efforts has been to re-imagine the council’s Eagle Scout recognition dinner, and the first thing he did was start recruiting speakers who would be relevant to young Eagle Scouts instead of interesting to their parents and grandparents.

I thought about that conversation this week when I participated in an online discussion of the best congratulatory letters to request for new Eagle Scouts. One person suggested TV personality Mike Rowe. I think he’s a great choice, and the letter he provides is pretty cool. However, I wonder how relevant he is to today’s Scouts. After all, “Dirty Jobs” end its run six years ago, when today’s Eagle Scouts were first pulling on their khaki shirts.

Yes, I know Rowe has done other interesting work since “DIrty Jobs,” but I don’t that he has the street cred of PewDiePie, DanTDM, or the guys from Dude Perfect. Who, you ask? Those are some of YouTube’s biggest stars, people who may well be more popular than traditional celebrities (and certainly more popular than the politicians and business types who dominate many congratulatory-letter lists). According to one study, 70 percent of teen YouTube subscribers prefer YouTube stars over their old-school counterparts.

I’m not saying you should reach out to YouTube stars for congratulatory letters, even if they would send them. I AM saying that you should look at your letter list through 17-year-old eyes before hitting the mail-merge button. You might save yourself some stamps and your new Eagle Scout some yawns.

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