Sister (and Brother) Acts at Eagle Courts of Honor


A reader of The Eagle Court of Honor Book asked me this week how to involve her honoree’s Cub Scout brother in his ceremony. I suggested he could serve as the Scout equivalent of a ring-bearer, as I discussed in an earlier post.

Her email sent me back to my tip archive (which dates to 1999) for other ideas about including, or at least recognizing, siblings. One great idea came from a reader who was worried that her son’s little sister would be jealous of all the attention he was getting on his big day.

She told me her son solved this problem by presenting his little sister with a small rose corsage, similar to the ones often worn by Eagle moms. As that mom explained, the cost was minimal (under $5), but “the look of delight on our daughter’s face when her big brother presented this corsage to her before the ceremony was priceless. She knew that even though this was his big day, he was thinking about her.”

Rose corsages wouldn’t work for little brothers, but with a little imagination, you can come up with something to present to them. A Scout lapel pin backed with a small piece of red, white, and blue ribbon would be appropriate, for example, or the new Eagle might present his nine-year-old brother with his very own Boy Scout handbook.

How do you recognize siblings at Eagle courts of honors? Post your thoughts in the comments section on the blog.

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One thought on “Sister (and Brother) Acts at Eagle Courts of Honor

  1. If the Cub Scout supported the big brother on his journey, why not make a square piece of wood into a home made plaque? Use a wood burner to say what is in his heart and date it. Depending on the Cub’s age, how about presenting him with big brother’s scout knife? Just a couple of thoughts…

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