Not My Job–Or Is It?


Just when you think you’ve seen it all, you see something new.

During my tenure as Scoutmaster, the father of our newest Eagle Scout called me a few days before his son’s court of honor. The dad had printed 100 programs for the ceremony—only to discover that that was a task the troop traditionally handled.

The good news is that I’d been waiting until the last minute to produce the programs, so we didn’t end up with duplicates. The bad news is that that father spent several hours trying to lay out the programs in Microsoft Word (I assume) when I could have done the job in 15 minutes with the Adobe InDesign template I normally used.

Interestingly enough, I know I had told the family that the troop would handle the programs. Or at least I think I’d told them. After holding three courts of honor in four months, I might have slipped up.

To be sure we didn’t have a similar miscommunication in the future, I prepared a simple checklist that explained what the troop was responsible for (e.g., room reservations and printed programs), what we expected the family to handle (e.g., invitations and displays), and what should be handled jointly (e.g., developing the ceremony and recruiting presenters). I recommend you do the same. Otherwise, you may get a phone call like I did—or end up with twice as many programs as you need!

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One thought on “Not My Job–Or Is It?

  1. Jack Homan

    Yes it’s a very good idea to tell the parents what the troop provides and help them and the Eagle Scout write how the ceremony is going to proceed. Just make sure its the same for all. Try to get the scout to go to other Eagle Courts in his area to see what they do. In our District we suggest that troops that might be in the same school Dist or close by be invited. Many Times the boys know each other through sports, church, 4H,
    or other community activities. We suggest the invite Members of the Dist. committee also. As a District we present them with a coffee mug with the Eagle Badge on it and a District Patch.
    Jack H
    Wood Dist. Co-Comissioner

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