An Out-of-this-world Eagle Certificate


Way back in 1999, the very first tip on my Eagle Tips list (the forerunner of this blog) described how to request congratulatory letters from NASA astronauts. At the time, all you had to do was send a letter to the Johnson Space Center.

These days, you can save yourself a stamp. Instead of responding to thousands of mailed requests each year, NASA has made available a downloadable Eagle Scout certificate, which you can find at (There’s also a certificate for recipients of Girl Scouting’s Gold Award.)

Note: Back in the day, NASA certificates sometimes came with a autographed photo of an astronaut. (Who that was varied every few months.) While such photos were nice keepsakes, I totally understand the move by NASA and other agencies toward downloadable certificates. Last year, there were 55,186 new Eagle Scouts. If just 10 percent of them requested certificates, that would require the space agency under the old system to send out more than 100 certificates every week.

So what’s the best Eagle Scout certificate or letter you’ve seen? And how have you used these documents in your courts of honor? Post your thoughts in the comments section.

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2 thoughts on “An Out-of-this-world Eagle Certificate

  1. Beach Fam. 6

    Your site has helped us sooo very much, in taking out the stress-factor in the steps leading up to our son’s Eagle Project (Scout’s role/Parents role) to now planning his ECOH. (yay!) — so, my question is, would it be alright to use the Scout Law in Scripture post in his Eagle COH program ? (We don’t want to plagiarize)
    Also, we have been thinking about how to tastefully use Scripture during his ECOH, but honestly, didn’t really know how.
    Thank you so very much for all of the useful tips, articles and everything else that is posted. It helps greatly. Because of the article and comments on who should request Eagle Scout congratulatory letters, our son has received some pretty Awesome letters.

    –Beach Fam. 6

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