A Sweet Treat for Your Next Court of Honor


A couple of years ago the BSA retired the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack in favor of the Scout Oath and Scout Law. At the time, there was plenty of hueing and crying about the change. What nobody anticipated was the positive effect this development could have on Eagle courts of honor.

Take a look at the picture above, and you’ll understand what I mean. It shows a bag of custom-wrapped Hershey’s Nuggets candy bars, each showing a point of the Scout Law–the perfect thing to set out at your next court of honor reception. I’m sure there are some Boy Scout leaders who could come up with this idea, but I’ve found that creativity is a recessive gene in Boy Scout leaders and a dominant one in Cub Scouters. (I’ll leave it to some Scouting geneticist to explain how a dominant gene can suddenly become recessive!)

I came across this great idea on the Cub Scout Ideas blog, where you can learn more about it. In essence, you’ll need to click over to Etsy to download the $5 template set, which I think even I could use successfully. Of course, you could create your own wrappers without much trouble, but $5 seems a low price to pay for having someone else handle the measuring and design work required.

What crafty ideas have you come across for Eagle courts of honor? I’d love to hear from you; post your ideas in the comments section below.

For more great ideas, check out my ebook, Showtime: 45 Top Tips from EagleBook.com and The Eagle Court of Honor Book; it costs just $2.99 and is available for immediate download from both EagleBook.com and Amazon.com.

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