Scripting Your Court of Honor To-do List



The ceremony script is obviously a key element of a successful Eagle court of honor. Unless you and all your presenters are great extemporaneous speakers, the script is essential in keeping the ceremony on track and on schedule. (That doesn’t mean everyone needs to read word from word from the script, however, just that the script helps keep everyone on track.)

But the script serves another important purpose as well. It helps you supplement (or generate) your to-do list. This lesson was brought home to me a few years ago as I prepared the script for a troop court of honor that was then about a month away. As I wrote the script, I suddenly thought of half a dozen very important details: some presenters I needed to recruit, a couple of props I need to locate, the challenge of getting a mom who used a wheelchair onstage, etc.

Now, I probably would have thought of these things eventually. But thinking of them a month ahead made the process much easier. Plus, I now had a nearly complete script in hand!

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