An Eagle Scout Certificate from the National Park Service



Back in December, the Boy Scouts of America signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Park Service. You can read about the MOU on Bryan’s Blog, but basically it says the two organizations will work together to promote conservation. It also highlights the Scout Ranger Program, which awards certificates and patches for participation in educational programs and service projects.

Given the close relationship between the BSA and the National Park Service, it’s entirely fitting that you can present new Eagle Scouts with a certificate from the National Park Service, as shown above. Best of all, it’s downloadable from the National Park Service website, so you can download it today for a court of honor you’re holding tomorrow–or even later this evening.

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One thought on “An Eagle Scout Certificate from the National Park Service

  1. Cubmaster Daniel

    Not to look a gift horse in the mouth…but it would be more meaningful if it were actually signed by the Director of the NPS, not just a downloadable PDF. BSA National should arrange a provision for this, for Scouts who have rendered service to the NPS.

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