Am I Missing Anything?



In a Facebook group for Eagle Scouts (, a mom posted a list of all the things she had done in planning her son’s Eagle court of honor. Then she added a simple question: “Am I missing anything?”

As the ensuing conversation demonstrated, she wasn’t missing much at all. But the dozens of comments she received demonstrated the value of talking through the planning process with someone who a) has experience planning Eagle courts of honor and b) isn’t involved in planning yours. Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes is all you need to see what you’re missing, whether that’s scheduling a walk-through, putting a couple of chairs on stage for the presenters, or recruiting a photographer.

That’s a big reason I wrote The Eagle Court of Honor Book–to offer perspective to people who are planning their first ceremony or want to improve on what their troops have been doing for years. If you don’t have a copy of the book, I hope you’ll pick one up soon.

But you can also benefit by sitting down with a fellow Scouter or even someone who plans events in other settings. Just talk through the plans you’ve made, ask what you’re missing, and start listening. As I say in The Eagle Court of Honor Book, you only get one shot at planning each new Eagle Scout’s court of honor. Make it count.

For more great ideas, check out my ebook, Showtime: 45 Top Tips from and The Eagle Court of Honor Book; it costs just $2.99 and is available for immediate download from both and



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