Memorabilia Memories



To make an Eagle court of honor more interesting for all age groups, Susan Terberg’s troop decorated the foyer of their church with different types of memorabilia. Here’s what they included:

  • A campsite with tent, sleeping bags, backpack, boots, postcards, and lantern (not the one shown in the photo above!)
  • A huge bear looking in the window
  • A laptop computer (set up in a continuous loop) showing photos taken on the new Eagles’ trip to Philmont Scout Ranch
  • Tables with scrapbooks and memorabilia from each of the boy’s Scout lives
  • A quilt, made by one of the proud mothers, that displayed patches from past ranks
  • And a patch collection with an outdoor camping theme

Such displays not only add interest, they also personalize the ceremony and show non-Scouting audience members (grandparents, teachers, school friends, etc.) what being an Eagle Scout is all about.

What do you do at your courts of honor besides the ceremony itself? Post your ideas in the comments section below.

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