Free Software for Your Next Eagle Court of Honor


All the folks lined up at the shopping malls this Christmas season haven’t gotten the message, but the best things in life are free–things like love, peace, joy, and computer software.

Okay, the best computer software may not be free, but you can save both money and aggravation by using my favorite free graphics program at your next court of honor. Called IrfanView, this free* program makes it incredibly easy to generate a slideshow for the ceremony or (perhaps more appropriately) for the reception.

I’ve used IrfanView as a graphics editor for years–doing things like resizing large images–but a friend recently pointed out its slideshow feature. Here’s how it works: You import a group of photos into the program, choose the order and switching interval, and click Start Slideshow (or export the slideshow as a executable file). That’s it!

That’s also about all the control the program offers. There are no fancy dissolves or synchronized soundtracks, but I can’t think of an easier way to turn a laptop into a digital picture frame at your next court of honor reception.

What tricks have you found to create great slideshows or videos? Post your ideas in the comments section below.

* IrfanView is free to download, but it’s technically shareware. Click the Support IrvanView link to make a donation to the author. The suggested donation amount is 10 euros–just over $10 at this writing.

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