A New American Eagle for a New Eagle Scout



A few years back, a reader named Christy Bebeau came up with the perfect gift for her Eagle Scout son, something that he could keep forever and that wouldn’t become stale as he grew older. The gift was money. Not a crisp new $20 bill, you understand, but a silver American Eagle Coin from the U.S. Mint from the year he received his Eagle badge.

According to Christy, “the coin is beautiful and, because it’s almost a full ounce of silver, it has lasting value (not to mention collectible value).” She ordered it as an uncirculated coin in an “airtightie,” an airtight plastic container that allows both sides of the coin to show through and that is only a little bigger than the coin itself.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the American Eagle Coin program, a fact that’s noted on the edge of each 2016 coin, so I can think of a better time to try this idea. A proof version of the coin will set you back $53.95 (a real bargain when you consider that the gold version of the same coin costs $1,610.00!).

These and similar coins are relatively inexpensive and make a great gift for new Eagle Scouts. After all, money is always just the right size and color.


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