An Eagle Scout Certificate That (Sort of) Predates Scouting



It’s no surprise that patriotic organizations of all sorts support Scouting. After all, we and they have much in common, including a love for country and flag. But many Scouters have never heard of one such organization, the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. This group, the successor to the Grand Army of the Republic, offers free congratulatory letters and commendation certificates to all new Eagle Scouts. If scheduling works out, they’ll even send a uniformed Civil War reenactor to present a certificate in person at an Eagle court of honor.

The process or requesting a certificate and letter is easy. Simple visit the group’s Eagle Scout Program page and click the certificate link. Fill out the PDF form in your web browser or PDF software, save it, and email it as an attachment to the Eagle Scout certificate coordinator for your state. (The directory is on the Eagle Scout Program page, and, yes, states that were part of the Confederacy do have coordinators!) There are a couple of important details to pay attention to: 1) Save the completed application under a new name, perhaps something like eagle_application_john_smith.pdf, so it stands out. 2) Allow 45 days for processing.

By the way, the members of the SUVCW are always interested in helping Scouts find Civil War-related Eagle projects. In fact, I first learned of this certificate program when I was writing about a council-level winner of the Adams Award that involved placing bronze markers on the graves of Civil War soldiers.



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