Your Name Here


Your Name Here

The most powerful Eagle courts of honor are more about the future than the past. Yes, they celebrate what their honorees have accomplished, but they also point the way to how those young men will continue to serve in the future.

They also encouraged younger Scouts to move ahead on the trail to Eagle. As I explain in The Eagle Court of Honor Book, after an effective court of honor, every Scout will go home and check his handbook to see what he needs to do to earn his next rank.

One troop I heard of had a great idea for motivating its younger Scouts. This troop lists all its Eagle Scouts on its troop trailer, but there’s always one more entry than there are Eagle Scouts. The last entry? “Your Name Here.” A leader from that troop told me those three words are a powerful motivator. “You can’t count how many Scouts in our troop constantly now say, ‘It’s going to be ME’ with pride!” he said.

Whether you list your Eagles on a plaque, your trailer, or the back of the court of honor program, consider making room for “Your Name Here.”

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