Telling Scouting’s Story


2016-08-17 12_46_38-BSA Tufts Infographic

Ninety-four million dollars and change. That’s how much money the leading presidential candidates and their supporters had spent on advertising in battleground states through early August 2016. (Of course, if you live in one of those battleground states, you might think that total applies to your state alone!)

Political campaigns do a lot of advertising, but it’s probably necessary to convince people to choose a candidate and actually show up at the polls. The same is true of advertising for cars, clothing, cable TV, and Caribbean vacations. People have to hear the same message again and again and again before they take action.

The Boy Scouts of America doesn’t have a big advertising budget, and I’m guessing your troop doesn’t either. That means we have to be more creative, using social media, earned media (free press coverage), and other outlets to tell people about Scouting.

It also helps if, like major advertisers, we keep our messages simple. Let’s say you’re trying to convince potential troop parents of the value of Scouting vs. other youth activities. Here are three great resources you could share:

That last resource is especially valuable right now since we’re in the middle of the Olympics, but all of them tell an important story, one that we need to tell over and over and over again.

How are you telling Scouting’s story in your troop? Share your ideas in the comments section below.


3 thoughts on “Telling Scouting’s Story

  1. Connie Knie

    I like the Tufts one. The other two seem sort of contradictory. I mean one says that unless your child is gifted from the age of 4 then Scouting will give them more. The other says that your son or daughter can become and Eagle/Summit recipient and still be on the world stage.

    Also I am not sure how parents would feel being told to “wake up” and get real about their son’s abilities.

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