Eagle Court of Honor Support Jobs: Printed Program Coordinator


2016-06-23 10_38_01-ScoutStuff.org

I recently began a series of blog posts on support jobs for Eagle courts of honor. These are the behind-the-scenes tasks that are less visible than, but nearly as important as, planning and running the ceremony itself. This week: the printed program coordinator.

When you go to most ceremonies—from weddings to graduations to religious services—someone probably hands you a printed program. This program serves as the agenda for the ceremony, a souvenir to take home, and a sketch pad if you get bored.

Courts of honor are no different (although I hope no one gets bored at yours!). So find someone with an artistic bent and access to a photocopier or laser printer to create printed programs for your ceremony. The program should include the ceremony agenda, of course, but it can also include a photo of your honoree, an Eagle poem, or general information about the Eagle Scout award or the honoree. Your local Scout shop can provide program covers, or you can also create your own if finances are tight. (The sample shown above runs $10.99 for 50 pieces at http://www.scoutstuff.org/p-c-es-flag-50pk.html.)

In addition to creating and duplicating the programs, your printed-program coordinator should also recruit a few Scouts to hand them out at the ceremony. Don’t just leave them at the door and hope people will pick them up.

The Eagle Court of Honor Book offers more ideas, including a sample agenda and a position description..

For more great ideas, check out my new ebook, Showtime: 45 Top Tips from EagleBook.com and The Eagle Court of Honor Book; it costs just $2.99 and is available for immediate download from both EagleBook.com and Amazon.com.


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