10 Ways to NOT Waste Your Summer



Beyond summer camp and perhaps a high adventure trip, many troops take it easy over the summer—or even take the summer off. Summer is definitely a great time for more relaxed meetings and the occasionally purely fun activity, but it’s also a great time for you and your troop leaders to get some important work done.

For example, if you haven’t done so already, you should have the SPL schedule an annual planning conference to plan your calendar for the next program year. But there are other things you ought to be doing as well. Here are 10 possibilities:

  1. Meet personally with each of your new troop families from the spring to get to know them, communicate expectations, and find out how their first few months have gone.
  2. Get your troop records up to date.
  3. Go through your file of medical forms. Shred the forms you still have on former Scouts and make sure forms on current Scouts are up to date.
  4. Hold an informal cookout with your adult leaders to evaluate the past year and set priorities for the coming year.
  5. Work with your troop committee chairman to fill vacant leadership positions.
  6. Update your troop website.
  7. Make sure your chartered organization has current contact information and knows what’s going on in the troop. Make a presentation at a chartered organization meeting and present a slideshow of this summer’s activities.
  8. Contact your district executive or district membership chair to find out about in-school recruiting opportunities for the fall.
  9. Make a reservation for summer camp for next year.
  10. Spend some quality time with your family!

Your list may vary, of course, but handling jobs like these in the summer will make your next program year easier. It will also let you spend more time enjoying Scouting in the months to come.


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