Eagle Court of Honor Support Jobs: The Reception



I recently began a series of blog posts on support jobs for Eagle courts of honor. These are the behind-the-scenes tasks that are less visible than, but nearly as important as, planning and running the ceremony itself. This week: the reception.

A reception is a great way to end an Eagle court of honor. Much like a wedding reception, it gives people a chance to mix and mingle, congratulate the new Eagle Scout, and grab some sinfully delicious cake and punch. (Since I usually skip meals before courts of honor I plan, that cake and punch usually constitutes my dinner.)

Although a part of the court-of-honor experience, the reception is really apart from it. In many cases, the reception takes place in a separate location, and the reception coordinator often has to work during the ceremony to get ready for the post-ceremony onslaught of hungry Scouts and leaders. That last thing you want the honoree’s mother or Scoutmaster to be doing during the ceremony is worrying about whether the caterer will show up.

You’ll want to give plenty of thought to who should secure your supplies and run the reception. Ideally, this should be someone who has experience. After all, how many of us mere mortals know how much cake to order for 60 people (a full sheet cake) or how far in advance you need to plug the coffee pot in (an hour ahead for 48 cups)?

The Eagle Court of Honor Book offers more ideas, including a shopping list, but the best resource is that experienced party planner in your troop.

For more great ideas, check out my new ebook, Showtime: 45 Top Tips from EagleBook.com and The Eagle Court of Honor Book; it costs just $2.99 and is available for immediate download from both EagleBook.com and Amazon.com.


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