Paging Through the New Troop Leader Guidebook Volume 2



As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my latest major book project for the Boy Scouts of America is volume 2 of the Troop Leader Guidebook, which focuses on the needs of experienced troop leaders–something the BSA has really never done. The book should be hitting Scout shops in the next month or so– is promising July 9–and I hope it’s on your shopping list. (Volume 1, which focuses on the needs of new troop leaders, is already available, by the way.)

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to sit down (via Skype) with bloggers and longtime Scouters Clarke Green and Walter discuss the book in detail. We walked through the entire book, which gave me the chance to highlight my favorite parts.

Clarke recently posted an edited version of our discussion on his website, If you have an hour or so, give it a listen to learn more about the book:

And if you’d like to find out more about volume 1, check out Clarke and Walter’s take on that edition.

Clarke calls the new book “a real game changer.” I hope it will change the game in your troop starting this summer.


6 thoughts on “Paging Through the New Troop Leader Guidebook Volume 2

  1. Darrell Oakley

    I look forward to Vol. 2, especially after hearing the ScoutmasterCG podcast. July 9? Oh the wait is so long. Any updates on an electronic version? My backpack is getting very heavy with all these heavy paper books.

  2. Tim Smith

    I can only mirror Darrell’s comment about the impatience of waiting for the release. The podcast you did with Clarke and Walter has me waiting with baited breath.

  3. Jim C.

    Mark, fantastic job as I just received and read my copy of volume II, however how come cannot get the title correct, officially titled the “Troop Leaders Guidebook” instead of the past name of “Scoutmaster Handbook” which is posted as the title for online sale. I have copies of the past Scoutmaster Handbooks, and they did not change much over the years, however the “Troop Leader Guidebook” is a major change and improvement with the times in presentation and contend from the past “Handbooks”, The online Scout Shop should reflex that with the publication’s correct title, will they make the correction?

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