The Destination Court of Honor



A generation ago, most weddings occurred in houses of worship, courthouse offices, and Las Vegas wedding chapels. These days, however, destination weddings are becoming increasingly common. In fact, the Destination Weddings Travel Group says a quarter of all U.S. weddings now occur far from home. The top destinations: Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Hawaii.

While it would be crazy to hold your next Eagle court of honor in a foreign country or at an oceanfront resort, it does make sense to think about whether your location adds to the ambiance and draws guests or whether it’s just a place with chairs and a stage. Over the years, I’ve heard from readers of The Eagle Court of Honor Book who have held courts of honor in local museums and historic courtrooms, on the deck of an aircraft carrier, and at the sites where their honorees completed their Eagle Scout service projects. If your new Eagle Scout built a park amphitheater, why not hold the ceremony there? If he built a playground for a school, why not make the swings and slides the backdrop for his ceremony?

Destination courts of honor–like destination weddings–are about more than just backdrops, however. If you pick the right location, you can offer guests the chance to do something fun before or after the ceremony–a picnic in the park, for example, or a museum tour.

Pick the right location, and you just might pique the interest of invitees who are on the fence about attending. Plus, you’ll end up with some fabulous photos of the ceremony.

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2 thoughts on “The Destination Court of Honor

  1. Connie Knie

    In my opinion one of the best things about an ECOH is the fact that a boy can not only be surrounded by his friends but that the rest of the troop can also be there. There are fewer sights more inspiring to younger scouts than seeing someone they admire getting recognized for all of their hard work.
    I have been to and asked to present at a few and would have had to turn it down if I needed to fly anywhere.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I’m not actually recommending destinations that require travel–although that might be a fun excuse for a quick vacation. 🙂 I do think there are local/nearby destinations beyond the meeting place that can boost attendance and add to the ambiance.

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