Eagle Courts of Honor: Stop Reinventing the Wheel



It’s amazing how much you forget from one court of honor to the next—especially if your troop only produces new Eagle Scouts every couple of years. To help her troop build a sort of institutional memory, an Eagle mom I met created a very useful tool: a pair of matching binders stuffed full of resources for planning Eagle courts of honor.

Each binder includes the following:

  • A copy of The Eagle Court of Honor Book (of course!)
  • Actual invitations, programs, and scripts from past ceremonies (from her troop and others in the area)
  • Sample letters to dignitaries, along with names and addresses
  • A sample press release and the local newspaper’s contact information
  • A list of helpful websites
  • Information on Eagle Scout gifts from ScoutStuff.org
  • A CD of court of honor materials another Scouter developed

(By the way, pocketed dividers hold the items that can’t be hole-punched.)

The troop loans a binder to each family that’s planning a court of honor, and the mom said the feedback has been great. Even if your troop doesn’t put the honoree’s family in charge of court-of-honor planning, it makes sense to put together a similar binder for your troop.


One thought on “Eagle Courts of Honor: Stop Reinventing the Wheel

  1. Good post and a key idea that is more than the post: “Institutional memory” A great concept, I see it in my daughters cross country team. However I don’t see it nearly as much with the scouts. The scouters for sure. I think it’s important for the troop. I’m working on this.

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