Guess Who’s Coming to the Eagle Court of Honor



Here’s a problem many Scout leaders would like to have: Where should you put a U.S. senator in your court of honor program? An Eagle Scout mom posed that question to me after she successfully recruited one of her state’s senators as a keynote speaker for her sons’ court of honor.

Someone had told this mom that getting a senator to attend a court of honor was impossible, but she wisely ignored that advice. Instead, she persisted in getting what she wanted for her sons.

So what do you want for your next court of honor? A special guest presenter? A certain sought-after location? A bald eagle on display? Start early, be flexible on dates, and refuse to take “no” for an answer, and you just might get your wish.

Do you like this tip? Find more great court of honor ideas in Showtime!: 45 Top Tips from and The Eagle Court of Honor Book. It’s available now for immediate download at just $2.99.


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