Counting Court of Honor Costs



Most people don’t count the costs when they’re planning once-in-a-lifetime events like weddings, graduation parties, and Eagle courts of honor. In the case of the Eagle court of honor, however, costs are frequently shared between the family and the troop, which means keeping an eye on the dollars only makes sense.

In The Eagle Court of Honor Book, I recommend that troops set a policy on what expenses they’ll cover; these might include the badge kit, programs, a sheet cake, and punch. Setting such a policy makes it fairly easy to include courts of honor in your troop budget since you can probably come up with a rough estimate of how many Eagle Scouts you’ll have in a given year.

Such a policy also allows each family the flexibility to go beyond the basics. For example, if Johnny’s family wants to have a sit-down dinner instead of a reception, they can bear the cost without impacting the troop budget or setting a precedent other families have to follow.


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