Thanks for the Memories



Thursday is Thanksgiving, so I’ve been thinking about all the people we as Scout leaders ought to thank. There are the parents who entrust their sons to us, the adults who give up weekends and vacation days to go on outings, the chartered organizations that provide us places to meet, and the individuals who buy our overpriced fundraising products.

This week, I heard of a great way to say thank you to some of your troop’s financial supporters. I was interviewing Jann Treadwell, the author of Unbound: The Transformative Power of Youth Mission Trips, and she offered this simple approach: On a trip, take along the names and addresses of your financial supporters, along with a bunch of postcard stamps and pens. When you get to your destination, buy postcards from the area and have participants write thank-you notes.

In a Scouting context, this would probably work best for a major trip like a high-adventure trek. During drive time on the way back from the trip, your Scouts could write a few notes, which you could mail from the road.

I can’t think of a better way to say thanks–and to ensure continued support for your troop.

On a personal note, thank you for reading my blog, sharing your ideas, and buying my products. Have a safe and happy holiday!


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