Putting Your Alumni to Work



Successful colleges and universities do a great job of working their alumni lists. They solicit their graduates for money, of course, but they also ask them to help in a variety of other ways, not the least of which is coming back to campus to give motivational speeches in the classroom or at graduation.

It can work the same way in Scouting. Think of your former troop members who’ve gone on to college or the military and who will be home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or winter break. Wouldn’t it be great to have them come back and talk to your Scouts about how valuable their Scouting experience has been to them?

Of course, college breaks and holiday leave come at a time when most troops take their own breaks. But don’t let a light troop schedule stop you from putting your alumni to work. If you have a group of Life Scouts who need a little nudge toward Eagle, for example, you could arrange for an Eagle Scout who’s home on leave to meet them for a pizza and do a little Scout-to-Scout motivating. It could be the most valuable pizza you ever bought!


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