An Elastic Cast of Characters



Have you ever been to one of those school plays where the teacher makes sure every child has a part to play–even if it means casting a few extra trees to stand at the edges of the stage? The cast of characters at an Eagle courts of honor should work much the same, stretching as needed to include special people in the honoree’s life.

Imagine, for example, that your honoree started in one troop and then transferred to another. You could divide the traditional Scoutmaster’s role between the current Scoutmaster and the Scoutmaster of his former troop. That’s a simple change that lets the honoree recognize the leaders who stood at both the beginning and the end of his Eagle trail.

Or say the honoree has a cousin who’s a proud-as-punch new Cub Scout. Just before the presentation of the Eagle badge, he could march down the aisle carrying the badge, parents’ pins, and other recognition items. He would have a close-up view of the ceremony’s climax–and a memory that should spur him on to stand in the same spot a decade hence.

As you plan your next court of honor, think about who should participate and plan a ceremony that gives them all a part. Just try not to cast them as trees.

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