It’s a Frame Up!



It’s probably the rare Eagle Scout who truly understands the significance of his accomplishment at the time of his court of honor. In fact, most don’t understand until they get to college or the business world and see the respect the badge earns them. That’s when they really want to show off their achievement.

In preparing for those future days in their son’s life, a couple of my book customers named Dwight and Linda Webster presented him with a framed art print of an eagle, the sort of thing that graces the offices of many professional people. When they had it mounted, they left the mat board in back exposed so that guests at the court of honor could write a message of congratulations.

As Linda explained, “In the years ahead, he can know that standing behind [that picture] are the words of congratulations and encouragement from special individuals in his life.”

A new Eagle Scout might not like such an adult gift as much as something from the BSA catalog (or the local bank!), but it’s definitely the sort of gift he can grow into, just as he grows into his role as an Eagle Scout.