And Now by the Power



It’s amazing what sorts of “rules” crop up concerning Eagle courts of honor. One of my favorites relates to the formal convening on the court of honor. According to this “rule,” your district executive must formally convene the court of honor for it to be “official.” The words he or she uses often sound like this: “And now by the power vested in me by the National Court of Honor of the Boy Scouts of America, I hereby declare this court of honor to be duly convened for the sole purpose of presenting the Eagle Scout award to _______________.”

By the power, huh? Well, take it from me, a former district executive: DEs have no power vested in them! Virtually anyone can say those magic words—and they don’t really have to be said for the court of honor to be official.

So call on your DE if you’d like, but also consider enlisting your district chairman, district or unit commissioner, or a council executive board member who lives in your community—anyone who can add weight to the words and get the court of honor started off on the right note.

(Note: I’d like to hear from you about court of honor “rules.” What traditions have you seen that just don’t make sense? What would you like to change about the courts of honor in your troop or district? Send your ideas to, and they may end up in a future tip or blog post.)

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