A Banner Occasion



Norman Rockwell’s painting “A Great Moment” shows a mother pinning the Eagle badge on her son’s shirt as his father and Scoutmaster watch. Behind the four figures is a huge three-dimensional eagle, just like the one that hangs from the Eagle badge. The presence of that eagle transforms a drab brown wall into the perfect setting for an Eagle ceremony.

I don’t know where you can find an eagle like that—perhaps it only existed in Rockwell’s imagination—but you can easily transform any sanctuary, amphitheater, or school cafeteria into the perfect setting for your courts of honor. The BSA catalog includes a couple of banners that make great backdrops. The $25.99 NESA Banner, shown above, features the National Eagle Scout Association logo, each of the rank patches, and the words “On My Honor I Will Do My Best.” The more understated Eagle Scout Banner, also $25.99, simply features the Eagle Scout badge. Each measures 3′ by 3′.

Before you place an order, however, see if you can borrow something from your council service center. Many councils have banners, panel drapes and other items on hand that can spiff up any formal Scouting event, including an Eagle court of honor.

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