The Gift That Keeps on Giving



We often say at Eagle courts of honor that the Eagle Scout trail is never-ending. But many Eagle Scouts hit a speed bump not long after their courts of honor. In rapid success, they receive their Eagle badges, graduate from high school, and enter college, the military, or the workforce; the next time they seriously engage in Scouting is when their own sons join Cub Scouting.

While you can’t control what your Eagle Scouts do after they leave your troop, you can do one simple thing to help keep them connected to Scouting: On behalf of the troop or the chartered organization, present them with National Eagle Scout Association memberships at their courts of honor.

Membership in NESA is a great way for an Eagle Scout to stay connected with what’s going on in Scouting (including through the quarterly Eagles’ Call magazine, much of which I happen to write). As an Eagle Scout leaves the proverbial nest, his NESA membership continually reminds him of his roots and encourages him to stay involved—or get re-involved—with Scouting.

Best of all, new Eagle Scouts can join NESA for the special rate of $20 if they apply within six months of their boards of review. This membership is good until age 23, making it a bargain compared with the regular five-year rate of $35 (which is itself quite reasonable).

For more information, visit

(Disclaimer: Although I’m writing for Eagles’ Call, I don’t have a financial interest in the number of Eagle Scouts who join the organization.)


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