Sharing the Story of Scouting at Eagle Courts of Honor



The main purpose of an Eagle court of honor—no surprise—is to honor a young man for becoming an Eagle Scout. But that doesn’t have to be the only purpose.

In many cases, your audience will include the honoree’s friends and family, teachers, and other people who know little about Scouting. Rather than ignore their ignorance, find ways during the ceremony to weave in information about the Scouting program, Scouting ideals, and what it takes to become an Eagle Scout. And if some of that information seems to detract from the business at hand, include it in the printed program. You could even include a thumbnail history of Scouting or other information that’s interesting but not necessarily germane to the court of honor.

I’ve been to too many Eagle courts of honor where I left not knowing much more about the honoree than when I arrived. Don’t make your next honoree’s guests feel that way about the Scouting program. Helping them understand the program could pay dividends down the road.


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