To Whom It May (or May Not) Concern



Several years ago, I received an email from the executive assistant to a Fortune 500 CEO. She was asking that her boss be removed from any and all lists of dignitaries from whom Scouters request congratulatory letters for new Eagle Scouts. I don’t maintain such a list, but I was happy to pass her request on to people who do—including, perhaps, many of you.

After I posted the request on the Scouts-L email list, someone else described her son’s lack of interest in the piles of letters he received from assorted politicians and other dignitaries. When a bystander pointed out how impressed his grandchildren would be to see all those letters, he said, “I hope they’ll think enough of me without form letters.”

Out of the mouths of babes.

The fact is, most new Eagle Scouts would appreciate a personal letter from a grandparent, teacher, pastor, or other “real” person more than a form letter sent by a CEO’s executive assistant. That’s not to say you shouldn’t solicit letters or cards from selected dignitaries. You should just keep things in perspective. After all, your Scouts already do.


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