Be Prepared for Trailer Theft



The Scouting magazine blog recently ran a great story about a troop whose trailer had been stolen. Spoiler alert: Donors replaced what had been stolen–and then some–so the troop shared its bounty with other troops in need.

It was a heartwarming story–and an important reminder about trailer security. If your troop has a trailer, you should take steps now to make sure it’s secure from thieves, who would love to sell it for a few hundred bucks or use it as a mobile meth lab. (They’re probably not interested in your battered cooking stoves, rusty Dutch ovens, or well-seasoned water jugs.)

The best way to secure a trailer is to keep it inside a locked building or fenced compound. Check with your chartered organization or troop families for possibilities. You might even find a local mini-storage business or police department that would be happy to help.

Beyond that, invest in a hitch lock, which prevents the trailer from being attached to a truck, or a wheel lock, which prevents the trailer from rolling. (The latter will be familiar to you if you’ve ever found your car booted by the police–not that that would ever happen to a Scouter!) Other possibilities include alarms and GPS trackers.

A wheel lock can cost less than $100, although low-end models can be defeated if they don’t prevent a thief from removing the wheel. But even the best security is better than nothing. Your odds of keeping your trailer are higher if your security measures slow a thief down or make him choose an easier target.

For more ideas, check out these resources:


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