A Luau of a Court of Honor



Since the first edition of The Eagle Court of Honor Book back in 1996, I’ve recommended applying Outback Steakhouse’s “No Rules. Just Right.” Slogan to court-of-honor planning. Recently, I heard a great example of how that approach can turn a stuffy ceremony into a fun celebration.

When Sue Fiebig of Grand Rapids, Mich., asked her younger son what he wanted his court of honor to look like, he said he didn’t know—but that he didn’t want it to be a long, boring gabfest. So what did the family end up planning? A Hawaiian luau of sorts!

The setting was the park-like grounds of the local council service center. The decorations included tiki masks, shells, and other luau-themed items. The guests wore Hawaiian shirts and received leis as they arrived—the nicer ones being reserved for grandparents and other special guests.

Everyone enjoyed a taco bar, free time, and other outdoor games, interrupted only by a relatively brief ceremony (for which the Scouts and leaders donned their uniforms).

As the days get longer and warmer, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate a young man’s achievement of the Eagle Scout rank. It certainly beats a long, boring gabfest!

What unique twists on Eagle courts of honor have you seen? The comment section is open.

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