George Santayana’s Eagle Court of Honor



Okay, George Santayana wasn’t an Eagle Scout. (Growing up in Spain in the 19th century made that impossible!) But he did have something important to say that relates to Eagle Scout courts of honor: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Everyone who plans a court of honor should bear these words in mind.

What do I mean? As much as I advocate making every court of honor unique, the reality is that some elements and speakers will carry over from one ceremony to the next. That means it’s important to remember what didn’t work last time so you don’t repeat those mistakes this time.

A friend who recently planned his son’s Eagle court of honor figured out an easy way to do this. He and his son watched a video of the troop’s last court of honor, taking notes about things like long-winded speakers and issues with staging. The lessons they learned helped them create a ceremony that avoided those mistakes (and, probably inevitably, created a few more for future Scouts to learn from).

How have you overcome past mistakes in planning courts of honor? Post your comments below.

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