The Court of Honor Couch



Since I received my Eagle Scout award way back in 1982, I’ve led, participated in, or watched countless Eagle courts of honor. Until fairly recently, however, I’d never gone to one that involved a couch.

Let me explain.

Our troop held a court of honor a few years back in our church’s fellowship hall. As we set up the room that morning, I put chairs on stage for the three honorees to use during part of the ceremony. But they had a better idea. In the room’s far corner was a lounge area with several overstuffed leather couches. Why couldn’t they bring a couch up on stage instead of using chairs? they asked.

Why not, indeed? We quickly made the switch, and the Scouts enjoyed the ceremony in splendor (or at least comfort). In fact, that couch perfectly symbolized the playful attitude and strong sense of unity that had carried them through a Philmont trek, an Idaho rafting trip, and numerous other adventures over the past seven years.

That little incident reminded me of one of the incidents that prompted me to write The Eagle Court of Honor Book. Twin brothers were receiving their Eagle badges at a ceremony I attended, but they had neither a couch nor even chairs to sit in. Instead, they were expected to stand at attention through much of their ceremony—which they did until they locked their knees and fainted, almost in unison.

I think my couch-sitting Scouts have better memories of their court of honor than those twins probably do.

What “rules” do you need to break at your next Eagle court of honor? Share your thoughts below.

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