Not Just for Butterfingers



As small as it is, the Eagle mother’s pin certainly strikes a lot of fear in the heart of new Eagle Scouts. I think some Scouts would rather recite the Scout Law backwards while standing on their heads rather than try to attach that tiny pin to their mothers’ dresses.

One Scouter wrote me with a simple solution to the Mother’s Pin Problem. Before a court of honor, his troop attaches the mother’s pin to a ribbon necklace—and does the same thing with the father’s pin. This makes for a smooth presentation because the Scout can easily slip the awards over his parents’ necks. The ribbon necklaces also allow the parents to proudly show off their pins after the ceremony.

Making a ribbon necklace is simple. Start with a piece of ribbon roughly 30 inches long and a half-inch wide. (White works well for moms, while dark blue looks good on dads.) Make a loop out of the ribbon, overlapping about one inch of each end. Stick the pin through the overlapping ribbon, and you’re done!


2 thoughts on “Not Just for Butterfingers

  1. balbes

    My best tip has been to make sure to open the presentation kit box, and remove the 3 pins, as well as the eagle medal itself, before the ceremony. Nothing slows down a ceremony like having to wait for a nervous person to get all those pin backs and wires undone!

  2. Tom

    You mean the ribbon supply now sells would be a good choice?

    Actually, I’ve never had a kid have trouble because we disassemble the whole kit and leave it all on the table for the scout. Tell mom she’s going to get a pin, she wears something the kid can pin to…trust me.

    No need for any problems, just communicate.

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