A Court of Honor Hat Trick



One of the fundamental principles I talk about in The Eagle Court of Honor Book is that you should make the ceremony fit the Scout. Guests should leave the event knowing a little more about the individual Scout, including his accomplishments and his personalities, than they did when they arrived. They should understand what separates him from the other 51,000 or so Scouts who reached Boy Scouting’s highest rank in the same year.

A good way to do that is to have adult leaders or other Scouts tell stories about the honoree during the ceremony. By carefully picking just a few anecdotes, you can illuminate key moments in the Scout’s journey along the trail to Eagle.

Props help as well, as my friend Alison demonstrated recently. A Scout she was talking about had worn a succession of distinctive hats across his years in Scouting–a ski cap, a baseball cap worn backwards, a boonie cap, etc.–and she pulled each of them out from behind the podium as she talked about his Scouting journey.

What makes your honoree stand out? Is it haberdashery? Is it cooking prowess? Is it leadership ability? Find the right stories–and the right props–and you’ll inform and entertain your audience all at the same time.


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